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Our intent for success and recognition has kept us buoyed up to overcome all the challenges and to deliver excellence at every instance. Since our inception in 2006, we have successfully managed to sustain dominance in the industry, finally evolving into one of the leaders in the arena.


10 Years and 60 seconds of Happiness

Serving the businesses around the world with modern methods known to date, the success stories of our clients are a source of great pride for us. Our pool of services boasts of brilliance in the production of promotional videos and animations. The usage of 3D Techniques, Motion Graphics, Hand Sketch and Whiteboard Animations helps our customers in boosting their overall digital marketing results be it SEO or Social Media Marketing.

we are

  • Promotional

    Using the latest visualization technologies to project your business. Usage of CGI, Motion Graphics, Whiteboard and Hand Sketch animations to reach out to your customers and represent your Brand in the right way.

  • Motion
    Graphics Video

    Animated graphics, bringing designs to life with the best known techniques of motion and rotation. Best for explaining complicated products, services or processes with ease.

  • Explainer

    Longer duration and demonstrative in nature. We excel in making the most sophisticated explainer videos with the best imagery and effective animations.

  • 2D / 3D

    We specialize in any style of animated video – 2D or 3D. Realistic and exquisite animations created with 360 degree virtual space, taking the visualization experience to next level and leaving your customers astonished.

  • Hand Sketch

    As the name suggests, it is a set of visual illustrations in a virtually hand drawn from. Helpful in maintaining the attention of your viewers and customers right to the end.

  • Whiteboard

    Simple and Enlightening visual explanations like those on actual whiteboards. Best for instructing your customers about complicated processes and to educate your employees.

Awards & Achievements

10 years Experience in Industry

A decade marked with constant growth and success stories of our clients. Our aim and intent to serve is everlasting.

Projects Delivered 200+

Delivering the best results each time has instilled winning habit and the confidence to achieve even greater results.

Client Satisfaction

  • The 3D promotional video made by Pixel Visuals, is a powerful representation of our expertise in carrying out engineering tasks. It has done wonders for us as we show it on our websites and use in presentations to clients.
  • We specialize in Turkey projects, providing and maintaining plants and production lines to the clients. We got a promotional video from Pixel Visuals and it has been very useful for our sales team. They show it to our potential clients to show our quality previous works. It is great Promotion.
  • We are publishing house based in San Francisco, LA. We have got a fairly long video made by Pixel that portrays our strengths as a publishing company and has helped in promoting our books and also attracting more writers to work with us. Great package for us.
  • Great video designed by pixels, really explains our production process and the usefulness of our product. We produce steel abrasives for shot blasting and other purposes, and it is great to show the video to our clients.

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Subsidiary of Pixels Logo Design and a constantly rising name in the discipline of Promotional Visuals, Pixels visual has successfully attained a strong and diverse pool of delighted clients around the world. Our Videos and Animations provide the best visual promotional solutions for all businesses.

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