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Hand Sketch videos allow you to tell a complicated story in a simple manner to ensure effective communication of the message.

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Sketch the Mastery and Dominance
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The most problematic factor that stops businesses from effectively promoting their products and services is the lack of tools that educates the customers about the value of their brand without allowing their attention to waver. Hand-sketch videos, with their quality of being entertaining, enlightening and simple at the same time, is the tool that can deliver the goods for you.

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How it Works

Step 1 Insight/Discovery

First end of the rope and the core of your great plan. We find out about your preferences and those of your target audience.

Step 2 First Draft

Moving a step forward, we create some sketches of the end product with all the scripts.

Step 3 Development

Here we begin with that we do best. And while you wait, we work to turn the plans into reality and construct the video/animation.

Step 4 Final Revision

For the best outcome, our team of super animators finalize the plan to move forward with your final inputs.

Client Reviews

  • The 3D promotional video made by Pixels Visual, is a powerful representation of our expertise in carrying out engineering tasks. It has done wonders for us as we show it on our websites and use in presentations to clients.
    Leon Fischer
    Founder and CEO

    Fischer Engineering

  • We specialize in Turkey projects, providing and maintaining plants and production lines to the clients. We got a promotional video from Pixels Visual and it has been very useful for our sales team. They show it to our potential clients to show our quality previous works. It is great Promotion.
    Steve Lau
    GM Marketing

    Fujian MTL Group

  • We are publishing house based in San Francisco, LA. We have got a fairly long video made by Pixels that portrays our strengths as a publishing company and has helped in promoting our books and also attracting more writers to work with us. Great package for us.
    Aaron Cunningham
    HOD Marketing

    Foley & Byrne
    Publishing Company

  • Great video designed by pixels, really explains our production process and the usefulness of our product. We produce steel abrasives for shot blasting and other purposes, and it is great to show the video to our clients
    Derek Hoffmann

    Hoffmann Works GMBH

  • Pixels Visual helped me create a Promotional 3D Video of my own. I used it on my website and social media, it helped me in engaging many potential customers, It is a brilliant piece of creation through which I can show my product variety and my processes.
    Zivile Floquet
    Fashion Designer

    Fashion Designer

  • As a Investment services firm, we needed a video that is professional and attractive, providing an insight of our portfolio to the world. Pixels Visual have proved their competency by providing us exactly what was needed. If they continue their good work, pixels will grow big very soon.
    Frank McKenzie

    UBC Group

  • We are an interior designing from Paris and in business for more than a decade. We are proud to have a comprehensive video that shows our history and artistic creation created by pixels. A Job well done by the Pixels team, it has all the traits that a video related to designing must possess.
    Victoire Huard

    Huard Designs

  • Nice video by Pixels visual. Interesting for viewers and exceptional promotion for our products. Great Results
    Wilma Marcelo

    Wilma Creations

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